About Jim Decker

With more than 20 years of executive experience in investment banking and corporate finance, Jim Decker currently oversees JDAK, a real estate management company based in Vancouver. The firm, which focuses on both investment management and rentals, currently manages two properties.

Jim Decker previously served as the director of Holbrooke Capital, a London-based private investment company he founded in 2004. In this capacity, he led the firm in delivering a wide range of products, including recapitalization, advisory services, and debt and equity offerings. Jim Decker leveraged his extensive international finance experience toward the growth of numerous companies around the world, focusing particularly on the beverage, apparel, and biotechnology sectors. Partnering with the executive management teams of these emerging companies, he worked to develop and execute strategic financial initiatives aimed at increasing overall growth and shareholder value.

Earlier in his career, Jim Decker held a senior management role at Dunhill Communications in Vancouver. As vice president of investor relations, he helped to expand his clients’ capital market access by raising investor awareness. Mr. Decker advised more than 25 public firms in achieving wider market recognition, serving organizations across the mining, industrial, and technology sectors.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Jim Decker enjoys activities such as long distance running and golf. In the past, he has participated in the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship and St. Andrews Links golf tournaments in Scotland. Mr. Decker also donates his time and resources to cancer research, supporting the Canadian Cancer Society.


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International Financial Executive